Breaking the habit

Posted in Uncategorized on December 29, 2009 by amitabhnanda

So, here it is. My major contribution to the world.

A lifestyle store delivered up out of a storied life.

The truth is, I like collecting things. A lot. Obscure nick knacks dusted down with nostalgia and shiny smart inventions.  Broken pieces at the end of their useful commercial life and defective ones delivered stillborn. Almost anything that ever wound its way from an idea to a production line to a thing-filled shop to a thing-filled home and, eventually – and luckily for me – onto a tattered bed sheet in a flea market somewhere.

That’s where I go to find them – these objects of relative desire. Peeking out from under less interesting stuff in dusty, crowded, fascinating bazaars. My mind focused on this latest holy grail – cutting out the chaos of the market sights, sounds and smells. Computing where it came from, when it was from, whatever happened to it. How much it’s really worth to the apparently disinterested merchant. Him thinking the same thing about me.

So it doesn’t work like it used to. Rescue it from the garbage heap and make it the most meaningful thing in your home: the perennial conversation piece highlighting a boring dinner, or a trophy of your eclectic journeys, a proud label of your taste, even. Get ambitious. Make a collection of plastic swivel ball lighters, vinyl showtune album covers, lamp clock two-in-ones, replicas of shrunken human heads  – the odder they are, the stranger they seem, the harder they get to gather, the better.

This is my stuff. I’ve been collecting it all my life. This is the flotsam and jetsam my nets have brought in from the world. And I’m as proud as any fisherman taking a cheesy picture with his prized catch.

(Here’s where you come in)

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Coming Soon

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How long do you think you’re going see this sign up?